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A few quick notes on zones de déploiement des actions

crookall - 06/06/2021 - 19:56

A major effort must be made to reduce all process, activities and products that reduce biodiversity, health, flora & fauna survival of the coast and the deeper waters of the Med.

For example "D08-OE05-AN1: Limiter/interdire les rejets des scrubbers", cannot be 'limit', but should be an outright ban, starting immediately, with heavy penalties and compensation paid by anyone who transgresses. Same with "Réduire les apports atmosphériques de contaminants" -- it cannot be reduce. It must be a total ban, even if atmospheric transfer is difficult to trace.

"D10-OE01-AN4 Sensibiliser, informer, éduquer sur la pollution des océans par les déchets" must be made *high* priority by all; local schools (in the education nationale, in the universities), private schools, in industry, local associations of all kinds, and in local authorities, eg townships, hotel owners, public servants (eg, police, fire brigade), etc. This can also provide many jobs. It can also ...

... It can also pay for itself through increased eco-tourism and lower costs for cleaning.
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