Réponse à la question "Parmi les thèmes abordés par le plan d’action, selectionnez les trois thèmes qui vous paraissent les plus importants.*" | Stratégies de façade maritime

crookall - 06/06/2021 - 19:34

  • Littoral
  • Ressources halieutiques et aquaculture
  • Eduquer/sensibiliser

1. Education, ocean literacy. Without education, we will get nowhere. Education opens doors to many possible actions for the Med. Every citizen living near the Med must become ocean literate - and also climate literate. If everyone understands the nature of the ocean (specifically the Med), the coast, the problems created by humans (such as pollution, global warming, etc), then it will be easier (and less expensive) for local authorities (townships, research institutes, etc) and associations, as well as central government, to do their work of caring for the natural environment, and maintaining it as a rich resource for the well-being of all.

2 & 3. The coast and its resources depend on people using them wisely, which means education.

If you think that it might be helpful to you in developing policy, I would be happy to run a simulation, a little along the lines of what we do on our school [lien supprimé], an official event of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.
I would like to add that any policy that you develop must take into account climate change. No ocean actions can be undertaken without full consideration for climate change. This is the case in all oceans and seas. Any oceanographer or climate scientist will tell you that. Which brings me to another point. Any policy or action must be done based fully on scientific evidence. Politics canNOT be allowed to come between the science and the policy and decisions. Politics cannot be allowed to water down sound scientific recommendations.
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